intervals are hard

Posted on: 11 Feb 2017

Hello . Thanks to all those who read my last post and to those who commented . I still haven't made my mind up about the Birmingham Marathon , as I am not sure how i fit the training around a lot of other summer activities but we will see .

This week's training has gone well , the highlight if you can call it that was a proper interval session and a chance for me to finally make proper use of the features on my Suunto watch . The interval timer worked first go ( unusual for me ! ) and I ran 10 x 400 metres with a  minute jog between . I was knackered at the finish but pleased to run the last 3 stints quicker than the first especially as I always run slower in the mornings . My plan has me increasing the amount of intervals in each session by two every fortnight . I wasn't reading the plan properly as I should have run 8 instead of 10 but I completed them all so thats a bonus i guess . I was going to run a short stint at pace today and a long run tommorow but we are going out for an Italian with friends tonight and I don't think I will be ready to run and I want to enjoy the evening without worrying about running so i did the long run this morning . It was rather cold and light snow fell continously but the ground was ok and with three layers , hat and gloves on I was fine . I had a quick chat with a female runner who i had passed earlier in the opposite direction . She commented on my speed and that she was a lot slower. I told her the most important thing is to just keep going . It is nice when people pass the time of day and are not miserable . This doesn't always happen . It was also interesting to see quite a few runners as there seems to be very few around these parts lately , especially with half marathon season looming and marathons to come soon after. 

When i get on the scales I am surprised at how little weight I am shifting . I was a lot lighter when i got my best times in 2015 , about half a stone , so i have a bit of work to do there . While I have the motivation for running i can't say the same for strength training . I have done a few weight lifts , sit ups and squats but probably not enough to have much effect . I will give it a go tommorow to work off the large amount of pasta i am going to consume tonight Wink .

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 


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