A good week running , shame about the rest of it

Posted on: 04 Oct 2015

As the title says I have had a good week running inbetween the bad bits . Getting the negatives out of the way first , I got the dreaded 'Sorry' magazine from the London Marathon people and at first I was gutted about it . I was only just commiserating with Gaelle on the Facebook when postie arrived with the magazine and jacket. I was sulking for the rest of the day but I have it out of my system now , I realise I am lucky to have run it twice and had a wonderful time , but it is just so good I and many others just want to run it again and again . I hope a lot of first timers were able to get a place this year and get to experience what a lot of us have done already. I have also had a stressful week at work where nothing seems to have gone right , every time I fixed a machine another thing went wrong. I went into work late on Wednesday to train an operator on a new print machine so I took advantage of the time and ran 7 miles along the canal , then the dreaded magazine arrived and when i arrived at work I had multiple problems , tools and bits all over the place , phone in one hand speaking to a guy in holland about one problem , torch in the other and an impatient student waiting for me to teach. My head felt like it was going to explode . I left late that night in a bad mood . Thankfully I have been able to separate all this from the running , in fact the running has been a real stress buster this week and I was finally on top of things by Friday thank goodness ! 

This week has been one of my best weeks in ages for training , five runs including a 7 miler on Wednesday and 10 miles today in 1 hour 27 minutes which I was particularly pleased with as I am in need of some hours on feet. In fact it was quite interesting as i had to hurdle some fishermens rods and dodge a couple of dogs who did their best to stay in my path. They were not the aggressive sort so I didn't mind . One had a tennis ball in his mouth so I guess he just wanted to play ! My achilles seems to be ok , no pain although there is a slight squishy feeling around the ankle , no swelling or pain which is weird. I have been a good boy and included plenty of stretching before and after plus heel drops to strengthen my calfs. My physio told me my calfs are uneven in size and I need to do some work there. I am still drinking the beetroot too , I really enjoy it and I am sure it is doing me good. The question now is the plan for the future - Brighton Marathon have some places available soon apparently and i stupidly missed the boat the first time places were available so it is touch and go if I can get accomodation . Mablethorpe in October would be a good one - in fact it was held today and by all accounts it was very well attended . There would certainly be no issue with accomodation as the start and finish is at the end of my mum's garden in the school playing fields ! Only issue here is the training in the summer because I prefer the cooler weather ideally. Further afield is Barcelona in March because I know the location well so I wouldn't be phased about doing this and evidently it's fast and flat. I have also considered Berlin . i am the world's worst decision maker so it could be a while before I sort this out :) what this shows is that I have the running bit between my teeth again which is good . Before all of this I need to make 100% sure I can do the Luton Half on the 25th . I reckon another 2 and a bit weeks training will help me to a reasonable time , certainly not a PB but it would be great to end the year with another event chalked off . 

Have a good week everyone

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