D-Day - London Marathon Ballot Results

Posted on: 07 Oct 2013

So having forgotten my hashy, rash decision to enter the London Marathon ballot, i received the good news (with great dread at the thought) that i had been given a place for 2014.

After my initial feeling of sickness i am now being to get excited for the race, having only taken up running a year ago following an ankle reconstruction operation i have completed two 10km runs, two half marathons and a tough mudder in the last year so logically the next step is to complete a marathon at some stage.

Being a bit of a nutrition and strength and conditioning anorak my first thoughts were to consider training nutrition especially during running nutrition - working in a gastrointestinal department i am awake of the consequences of poor nutrition on the bowels!! and then finally on picking a training programme to follow - a process which is still ongoing

However despite this my training has slowly started a gentle 18 mile bike ride on Saturday was followed by a 9 mile steady jog yesterday and tonight i completed a 7 mile interval run (which was very hard work), the aim is to slowly increase the mileage over the coming months - when i have finally found a plan to follow!! any suggestions would be welcome...?

However after my initial dread - i remember thinking at the end of both of my half marathons i couldnt do that againm i am starting to get excited at the prospect of the race.

Next stage is to find a target time ....

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