Friday Run

Posted on: 31 May 2013

I had one of those moments this morning after dropping my wife off to work of not wanting to run.  I overcame this. Smile

Today's run seemed better.  I didn't stop at all.  When I stopped running I started walking. (about 15 times)

The distance was 1.56 with an average pace of 11:17 per mile.  I was very pleased with that as I had been expecting about 15 minutes per mile.

I now need to work on getting round the course without stopping.

I hope to run at least once over the week-end although this will be on the roads where I live.  I will run round the park on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday I have to go back to work.

Tuesday will be my long run days as it suits me.  Although at present I don't think there will be any long runs as I still need to work on getting round the course.  I could run round twice if I can manage it.

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