But Who's The Bloke On The Right?

Posted on: 11 Apr 2014

While collecting outside Sainsbury's in February a chap came up to me. "I love your charity" he said (whoaaaaaaa - my charity? - I'm just a bloke standing here holding a bucket!!). He went on to explain - "my mum's get cancer - but she's 91" - the point being that (sadly) that is part of the natural order of things - to get such a diagnosis at 91 - well that's one thing, but to get that diagnosis at, say, 17?

Sunday will (pleeaaassseee) be the culmination of probably the most intense 10 months of my live since posting on FB, 14th June 2013, "Hell, this is starting to get serious. CLIC Sargent appear to have accepted my kind offer to run the London marathon on their behalf".

And how pleased I've (since) been that they did. So I'm doing this for them, and for people like (going right back to me first ever blog post) Charlotte Nicholson, for Jane's colleague's daughter, for the inspirational Kris Hallenga (Coppafeel), and thinking about a few other names that have arisen during these last few months - people like Lillian Board (now she could run!!), like Tammi Terrell, like Dusty Springfield even, and like a good few of the people who have supported me.

I thank (the lovely) @RuBo and friends, the CLIC Sargent running team, who've been brilliant and of course also a special mention for Nick and (former Holby City star) Phoebe at runningwithus. Your training day really got the running part of this wonderful project right back on track in February, when it was in serious danger of going off the rails, and it was great to be able to elicit Nick's advice at #VLMexpo yesterday.

The local media for giving the “Project” some great coverage. Oscar at the Echo, Harry at View From Weymouth, Iain at the Wyke Register, David at Air 107.2 Community Radio, and James at Wessex FM.

And the blogging community at RealBuzz. Regrets, I have none, but it would have been nice to have maybe been a more "proactive" member of the community. I just haven't had the b$%%^y time. But believe me there are some seriously inspirational people there (some of that distilled inspiration has been printed out and is going up on the train to London with me); it has been a privilege to meet some of them in person, and we're picnicking in Hyde Park tomorrow.

And last, but most of all I'd like to thank all that have supported me these last ten months. My biggest supporters, my daughters (in strict order of birth) Madeleine and Anneliese (or in reverse order of birth Anneliese and Madeleine). I'm so proud of you both (small well up moment). And for everyone else. I've named as many names as I can at www.keithsmarathondream.co.uk. I genuinely feel that I'll be taking a little bit of you all around with me on Sunday (but be warned, if you start to get too heavy, I shan't hesitate to throw you overboard).

Oooops and almost forgot Stephen Kiprotich - thanks mate and good luck for Sunday.

Bon Voyage,


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