With Love From Me To You

Posted on: 23 Mar 2014

This is not the blog entry that I intended to post. That is (hopefully) on my work PC and can wait for another today – instead I give you something (completely) different.

So why should anyone be posting a link to their youtube channel on a running blog? To date my journey from couch potato to performance athlete and potential marathon finisher in a little over a year had been a (relative) doddle. But what about the parallel journey from couch potato to highly motivated charity fund-raiser? If there were ever any moments of doubt on this “project” that was where they were to be found. Yes there were a few dark moments there – how the %&$£ am I ever going to raise the £2000 stupidly pledged?

But if you have been following this blog, you may know that music has played a key role in my being able to achieve that goal, and today I am inspired to record a new youtube offering. So this is my gift, from me to you, to everyone that has supported me, whether on www.realbuzz.com , or on www.keithsmarathondream.co.uk, to everyone that has donated or otherwise helped in any way, but most of all to all other (marathonly speaking) virgin virgins. Visualise. When we hit that thirteen mile mark on April 13th we will be well and truly HOMEWARD BOUND.

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