Short Long Run

Posted on: 06 Apr 2014

Having a prior appointment as studio guest at Weymouth's community radio station at 11:00 this morning, the last Sunday Long Run (a short one) would not be able to serve as a dress rehearsal for next Sunday. Instead it was set the alarm clock for 6:00 and get out and back as quickly as possible.

And there was a sense of “deja-vu” about this morning as I crawled downstairs at 6AM with it still dark outside and the sound of torrential rain on the window. Was this some sort of time warp? Was it January again? But unlike January, not a bit of the January response, cursing the conditions and crawling back to bed. A half hour rain-check enabled me to clear the washing up and ironing (hmmmm – managed to keep it all rather better under control this week :-) )

And this is serious taper time. All Nick and Phoebe asked for today was 75 minutes easy. I headed off on a slightly shortened version of my new favourite route, off along Weymouth's magnificent seafront to Overcombe Corner and back. The 75 minute easy was duly delivered, through wind and rain, at an average of about 6:09 per km (actually a bit slower than I have been doing). So now just about 90 minutes running asked for before April 13th. Excited or what!!!!!

Of course (I presume), an important element in a successful marathon day is meticulous planning. When I spoke to David at Air 107.2 earlier in the week he asked if I knew where to go today – yes I replied (I knew it was the local school, name starting with “W”). And at 10:50 I duly set off for Wyvern school. On arrival I thought I had stepped onto a set of the 1960's cult series “the Avengers” (some of you may remember it). Having tried (unsuccessfully) every door, I panicked and phoned star euphonium player Paul, who lived nearby. I assumed he would be able to tell me where to go (in a manner of speaking). He was at the time struggling with his new fangled tablet computer, dismally failing to tune into the on-line stream at Luckily wife Ann came to the rescue, found the postcode which we soon realised was “Westfield” school – the other side of town – oh dear.

Better late than never. I spent about half an hour with David, played a couple of songs on the guitar (this cannot be material that you do not hold the copyright for, so it was songs that I wrote when I felt the need, during my teenage years), got a really good plug for my fund-raising, and the money started to pour in (in my dreams!!!).

And after that, more effort on the final push towards my £5000 target. My assumption is that people are likely to be persuaded to donate in this next couple of weeks, so I needed to get my message out there again. I mail-dropped the neighbours (again), started emailing to a long list of folks that I put together on Friday, contacted the running club and a couple of other web-sites that I hope will give me some extra publicity and also plan to put the message out to facebook friends. For someone who has made a lifetime career out of being disorganised, this is proving to be a serious logistic challenge.

And lastly a disappointing boat race, unfortunately ruined by a coming together in the early stages, but at least Oxford won. Always used to shout for Cambridge, but ever since Oxford University kindly undertook to educate one of my offspring, my foot has been very much in the dark blue camp.

So expo Thursday – hoping for a few introductions on that day :-)


Oooops and nearly forgot - the Sheffield Half Marathon a sporting $%^& up of Charlton Athleticesque proportions!

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