It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ...

Posted on: 24 Dec 2013

… but not for running – or so it seems.

It seems to be a combination of the dark nights, the horrible weather and head cold, but it's been a real struggle to get out this last week or so. But I'm aware that April 13 2014 is creeping up on us, and I did manage 10k this afternooon.

So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone that has read and followed and (particularly) commented on my efforts this last five or so months my very best wishes for the season. Yesterday evening was a good one. With both my (lovely) daughters at home, we set off for Christmas quiz night at the local “Spoons”, with three other friends, and were rather shocked when our knowledge dovetailed to such an extent that we ran out clear winners (resulting in £20 of our winnings being donated to my supported charity CLIC Sargent). In the best traditions of Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Milliband below is my official (and hopefully not too cringe-worthy) Christmas photo. The taller daughter to my right is Anneliese, the shorter one to my left is Madeleine.


I guess this has been quite a year – the first complete year that I've spent as a single person for a quarter of a century or so. I rediscovered the joy and exhilaration of skiing, spent a great week in the lakes with the “mountain goats” and an equally great week in Turkey with SingleSport. But the most unexpected thing of all is that, in a little more than 100 days, I hope to be on the starting line for the London marathon. This has kind of taken over my life. It's not just trying to train in such a way as to enable me to make a decent fist of the run, but doing the same with the fund-raising, and, in support of the above, creating a maintaining a web presence at (not forgetting the “day job” too). At the start I was quietly confident about the running and really worried about the fund-raising. Now it's like the roles are reversed. I am well on target to “smash” the fund-raising target, but I feel the running has rather stood still (if that makes sense) this last month – serious new year's resolution needed maybe.

Well anyway, if you haven't already please take a look at my musical youtube Christmas present, the greatest ever Christmas song. Have been quite excited to now have over 100 views (though Madeleine assures me that a video of her salsa dancing once amassed over 40,000). Who knows? – it would be nice to put some faces to names at Bath, the Grizzly Cub, or London. Again, a Happy Christmas etc etc,


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