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Posted on: 01 Feb 2014

Not me – I refer to my room at the City Continental Hotel. This weekend sees me up in London again, attending CLIC Sargent's running training day with Nick and Phoebe (former star of Holby City!) from

One of the joys of coming up to London now is it gives me a chance to see places in London that totally passed me by when I lived here. This evening it is Earls Court. I love the villagy side to these places, that I never knew existed. And a quick plug for the City Continental, a very reasonably priced and superbly located hotel, just a couple of minutes from the tube station. And of course also an opportunity to see my two (lovely) daughters. So yesterday evening we met up close to Charing Cross and after a meal went to see The Duckhouse, a most enjoyable political satire / farce, with a fine performance from Ben Miller, and a side of Diana Vickers that we never saw when she appeared in the X Factor.

I'ver been a good bit happier with my runs this week and feeling a lot stronger. But still approached the running day with a degree of trepidation – what would the others be like? - would they all be fantastic, super-fit, highly-tuned athletes? But essentially they were all like minded people at roughly similar stages in the quest to run a marathon (or a half). In the morning we did a session on the running track at the White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre (formally the New River Stadium), in the past home to the Haringay Athletics Club, and where (apparently) Lord Coe cut his running teeth! This was followed after lunch by exercises and stretching, together with oodles of advice on training and nutrition, together with fund-raising advice from CLIC Sargent running. And Nick and Pheobe insisted that we all of us are now "Performance Athletes".

So thanks to all concerned – thanks to the running coaches, Nick, Phoebe and Tom, and thanks also to Ruth and colleague (sorry forgot the name – it's my age you know!) from CLIC Sargent running. All in all a most worthwhile day, but so much to take in (and so much that I'm currently, I fear, not doing enough). As I suspected, I think the roles have reversed and my fundraising campaign is now far more exemplary than my running campaign. I am armed with plenty of great advice, but can I find the time and inclination to put it to good use? I remain totally confident in my ability to get around the 26 and a bit miles on April 13th one way or another, but I fear I'll struggle to meet my original target to do it in under four hours. But then Nick and Phoebe would probably advise against putting such pressure on oneself. Look after the training and the time will look after itself.

But there was one bit of advice they gave that I have already acted upon. To paraphrase, as seriously as you take the training thing, every now and then you have to let you hair down and indulge yourself. Yesterday evening, apparently, after a hard week, Nick and Phoebe indulged themselves in a curry. Thanks for the advice guys  :-)


Chicken Thali – Masala Zone


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