The Fourth (And Final) Newsletter / Remembering Elena

Posted on: 05 May 2014

So what of the blogging. I've been intending to post this final newsletter, which I sent out to supporters, for a couple of weeks now, and I feel that, beyond that, I have one further London Marathon entry that I need to write (before moving on to the Great North Run). But first, particularly since the charity end of this project was for a charity supporting children and young people with cancer, today we are again reminded that cancer is no respector of who you are or how old you are.

Remembering Elena Baltacha

As an unashamed sports nut I first became aware of Elena Baltacha during her run to the semi finals of junior Wimbledon in 2001. I hoped that here might finally be a British world beater. That didn't come to pass, but it is clear that her achievements in tennis, whilst managing chronic illness, were considerable, and that she was an inspiration to many people, becoming patron of the Children's Liver Disease Foundation in 2010. I remember hearing once also, at a time when the Williams sisters were both in their prime, that the fastest serve in women's tennis was not one of the sisters, but was indeed our own Elena Baltacha.

With her retirement we learned of the work she had started with the Elena Baltacha foundation. From the tributes paid to her it is clear that she was much more than a fine tennis player.

Keith's Marathon Dream, The Fourth (And Final) Newsletter

What can I say? This final two weeks passed like a whirlwind, and at 14:26:18 exactly on Sunday 13th April 2014, my dream to run the London marathon was fulfilled, in a time of 4hrs 17mins exactly :-) And the fund-raising total on behalf of CLIC Sargent currently stands at £6309. The running continues (September, Great North Run), and so will the blogging, and the youtubeing. lives on :-)

That final week (as some of you will doubtless know) started with a big push on the fund-raising front. If ever there was a good time to approach people for support, it had arrived, and I was (again) overwhelmed by the support of so many people. The running had entered serious taper mode, and on Tuesday I ventured out to the squash club for my first “club run” of the year. Les lead us on a leisurely trip around the block. Wednesday was band practice, and a chance to thanks Brass Tacks for their support and fund-raising concerts, and also I was contacted by marathon man James O'Neill at Wessex FM, who interviewed me over the phone.