No Training Like Snow Training

Posted on: 23 Jan 2014

Top Of The World, Saulire, Courchevel.

Having spent the best part of the last three weeks wingeing about the lack of good training, this week was always destined to be a run free zone as I find myself on another singlesport holiday skiing in Courchevel Le Praz. It was after this holiday last year (my first skiing trip for something like 15 years) that I set off one this running lark that has culminated in the madcap plan to run one marathon.

My recollections of the resort from last year lead me to think that there was unlikely to be any suitable running opportunities (especially if it was likely to be covered in snow). Hence I didn't bring any kit with me. But I have been surprised how many of my fellow guests are runners and indeed have taken part in marathons, often the iconic ones. One lady I have met here has a ballot place for London (and wanted to go out training one evening) and another guest in the chalet has been out running a couple of times. So the truth is that maybe I could have gone out this week (but bearing in mind my general state when coming off the slopes, probably best that I haven't).

But one thing I have noticed is how much my skiing fitness has been improved by the running that I've done. Last year my legs started to burn very quickly on any decent length of run – this year I've been covering the ground with no problem at all. Here is our little skiing group after a lunch stop at Val Thorens. That's me second from the right :-)

So, home on Saturday, with (hopefully) a new found determination to get the training back on track – starting this Sunday.


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