A Funny Thing Happened ...

Posted on: 06 Feb 2014

... to me on the way to the London marathon.

Not sure if I mentioned that I had been interviewed by the local press. I had another madcap idea (in addition to the original "run the London marathon" madcap idea). This was to use my charity spot outside Sainsbury's this Saturday to try a bit of busking (hopefully in a predominantly friendly environment). I described this (I think) as my "busking marathon". Click on the picture to see the article:

Well, it seems some one got hold of the wrong end of the proverbial stick here, resulting in me receiving an email from Tabs at CLIC Sargent Running informing me that:

"I have just had a call from the London Marathon organisers who have picked up your story from the article in the Echo. They were under the impression that you were busking around the course on race day ... they were really keen about this as it couldn’t potentially generate press activity. They had also suggested that if you were to go ahead with it that you should enter the Guinness Records and you would be also given a green start place with the celebrities and fancy dress runners."

This truly could be my fifteen minutes of fame – undoubtedly I would be interviewed live on television and would probably be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Susanna Reid – chance to dig all the dirt on this year's series of hashtagstrictly. Yes I was sorely tempted (for all of five seconds). But I did do a small feasibility study in the living room that evening. It is indeed possible to move at something a bit quicker than walking pace whilst strumming the guitar and singing (if indeed you can call what I do "singing"). I did leave the door slightly ajar – "let's see how this year goes first" I replied,


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