5 essential items that you should have on your runners belt

Posted on: 25 Feb 2017

When you go for a run, are you a minimalist or do you like to lug the kitchen sink with you? I wish I were carefree and able to take a jog without the need of keys or phones or other items that I need when I am out of the house for a few hours. In my runners belt I try to keep things down to the bare minimum, keeping my run comfortable and light. That often means leaving my cell phone behind, unless of course I choose to use an arm band to hold it in place. The phone is generally taken with me for emergencies but it also doubles are my radio companion for the longer runs.

There are so many different runners belt types out there, from the sleek and thin to the bulkier “fanny pack” looking ones. Of course no one wants to look like they are wearing a fanny pack so… I often see people chose the lighter, thinner versions for their jogs. I always prefer the waterproof kind when I find them, they tend to not only keep my items dry but are very easy to wash and dry after a run.

Back to my 5 essential items that I feel everyone (man or woman!) should carry in their runners belt. Feel free to leave a comment below if you agree, disagree or have anything to add to my humble list.

1.      Runners belt supreme, house keys

Of course that would be top of my list, because for better or worse, we are adults, and adults shouldn’t leave the house without their keys! There is really no way from getting around this issue, unless of course if you have a private butler waiting to answer your door. The same goes for car keys. If you are in a place where you have to drive to have a comfortable run, then of course you need a safe space to store your car keys.

2.      SPF lip balm stick

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without my lip balm, winter, summer autumn or spring! Dry lips really annoy me, and the more that I am out in the elements, the worse it becomes. Having a lightweight SPF lip balm in your runners belt is a must!

3.      Money

I find it difficult to leave the house without at least 10 euros in emergency funds on me at all times. You never know what might happen, and keeping some cash on you is always a good idea.

4.      Medical devices

Number 4 might not be for everyone, but if you are reliant on a medical device such as an inhaler, or insulin, then of course that is a vital item that you must make room for in your belt.

5.      Protein bar

This might not seem like an absolutely essential item to some, but for someone who skips breakfast (like myself) it is. I can’t eat anything before a run, it makes me feel uncomfortable; however, as soon as I have my job wrapped up, I am dying for some protein, fat and sugar. Having a healthy balanced option handy is perfect for me.

The last thing I want it to be worried if I have forgotten something or have stored something in an unsecure place when I am running. That’s why these belts are an essential part of my daily running routine. 

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