When one pain leads to another!

Posted on: 20 Jan 2015

I am currently on enforced rest following my last run on 13th Jan. I had put in a solid 12 mile hill training session a couple days before whilst breaking in my new Brooks Revenna 5 shoes. 

I followed this up on the 12th witha  6 mile lunchtime run which when I started felt great! I really tried to slow it down but still ended up with a 5:45 first mile! Didn't even feel like I was pushing at the time so fitness must be getting better.

I did slow it down back to more reasonable 7 min miles for the rest of the run but by the end the outside of my lower left leg was starting to feel quite sore.

I haven't run since and have noticed that its giving me ankle pain and weakness making me limp a little when walking.

Cue a visit to the physio today after no sign of improvement!! 

He reckons I have a very mild sciattica which shows tself in athletes (YES!!! I am apparently an athlete!!!!!) and as a result has weakened my left leg. He showed me this by getting me to resist him pulling on my big toe... Indeed, my left toe collapsed like a leaf of wet lettuce and had no strength in it at all.

This was followed by many more poking and prodding followed by the TREATMENT.... massage and back cracking!!!

All I need to do now is ice my lower back for a week, take ibuprofen and rest for a couple of days. I should eb able to be back training later this week but need to ease back into it. I also need about half a dozen sessions and a decent sports massage....


Fingers crossed... as I have the GFA in my sights, not just the start line and I don't want to lose either! 

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