Bailed out of my long run!

Posted on: 25 Feb 2013

After being diagnosed with ITBS I began my weekly long run with a great deal of care and trepidation.



I was told hills would aggrevate it more so perhaps a 4 1/2 mile climb wasn't the best way to start. As a result I took the sensible decision to turn back whilst I still had the chance instead of committing myself to a much longer loop and stick out in the middle of nowhere. (I had visions of needing to call for an airlift if my knee broke down completely along an old disused railway line with no nearby roads!


To be fair, my knee was very sore atthis point and I was running with a very pronounced limp. For me, ITBS effectively restricts the bend in my leg when running so the strides are a lot shorter and painful if I try and push off. So my right leg ends up doing more work and that starts to affect other joints (ankles and hip).



Ended up doing 9 miles at a consistent and average pace of 8:10/mile which is around 1 1/2 minutes a mile slower than I usually run and so feels painfully slow (no offence to anyone running that speed).


Not great and with only 8 weeks to go, really difficult to see how I can do this. I know I need to play the long game and let it recover but 3-4 weeks time starts to take me to tapering down when I really need to be ramping things up.


Quite depressed Frown

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