Registration Expo, Free Rock Tape and a Hot Run!!!

Posted on: 17 Apr 2013

Very exciting.... went to the expo today and had to refrain mysef from going all silly and buying lots of running kit I really don't need! But its great to look at and it all seemed to suggest it would make me run faster on Sunday.....

However, I did collect some QR codes which got me some extra freebies as well as my goodie bag (I was going to post a pic of the freebies but I don't want to spoil the surprise).

Both the Sweathshop stand and the Rock Tape stand were offering free taping and so I made use of this having my left leg and knee heaviy taped as well as my right calf.

I reckon the free taping will be to busy for most by Saturday (it was nice and quiet today) and if you are thinking of this then definitely get in there before Vin or Hollywood as they might just use all the tape up! lol!!

It was great to stop by the JDRF booth and introduce myself, also to check out some of the speakers. I grabbed a couple of pace bands from the Lucozade stand and they have a nice freebie on offer if you finish in the top 10%..... someting to aim for!

I took my newly taped legs out for an easy 4 mile jog around the Thames at about 7:30/mile pace which felt very comfortable but you can tell the temperatre is rising as I was sweating like a pig and found it realy hot after all the cold weather training. 

My treat was a steak dnner with pint of Tribte Ale (one can't hurt!) Yum!!!

Back to Plymouth for me on Thursday before heading up to London with my wife on Friday for the marathon weekend!

Anyway, some photos from the expo just to get you even more excited about going! See you on Sunday!!!!

The lucozade stand where you can pick up pace bands


Free photo from VMGiving!


My race vest with number and black ribbon for Boston! (you get this is your race pack at registration)

A final good luck message! :)


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