The dangers of going out ill equipped!

Posted on: 02 Apr 2013

I have been enjoying the rest after my 22 miles on Good Friday. The knee feels pretty good and weirdly the worst muscle for being sore is my shoulders (probably from carrying my water bottle around with me). I even had a bit of wine and a couple of beers over the weekend. I figured the odd glass isn't going to hurt and I deserved it!

Now on to the ill equipped!!!

On Friday I found I had  misplaced my only pair of blisterproof socks.... well, they aren't my only pair.... just the only ones that fit. Hilly Twinskins.... cannot rave about them enough. They have transformed the lonmg runs for me and I no longer get any foot problems.

Sadly I couldn't find one of them on Friday morning and not wanting to end up with a whole load of blisters I resorted to using a pair of Hilly Monoskins. These just do not work for me. They have a compression strip across the top of the foot which I find too tight but they have been ok when I have run 10 miles or so with them.


After Fridays run I found that the compression strip had dug into the top of my foot and left a nice little wound which is taking its time to heal.


On the plus side, I also forgot to apply vaseline to my chest but somehow or another managed to get away without getting the dreaded runners nips... A thankful relief.


So a successful run was completed but it highlighted the dangers of not being properly prepared, especially this close to race day!! Make sure you check your kit in the days before and don't go out ill prepared!


Finally..... I've attached a pic where I managed a cheeky night run in London last week when I was up there for work. Unfortunately the American tourists who took the snap failed in giving me a gigantic cone head with the Shard.



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