RPM Training Week Two

Posted on: 03 Dec 2012

As winter draws on, I made sure my winter drawers were on as it was a bit of a cold one, but hey, if we runners didn’t run every time it was cold, nothing would get done, right?  I have to be careful, as I have a circulation issue called Raynaud’s Disease, it sounds worse than it is, I don’t have villagers outside my door with torches shouting “Unwell!”, I just get cold very quickly and need to make sure I am wrapped up more than usual.

Anyway, I took Monday off as I was a little fragile after my nephew’s baptism, which happened the day before, wonderful day, had lots to drink and why not!

Tuesday’s interval session nearly didn’t happen, I was being the Good Samaritan assisting an elderly gentleman with his broken down car, locating his position via GPS on my iPhone or “Computer Phone” as he referred to it, calling the breakdown service for him, he was very thankful and offered to buy me a drink, then he noticed I was a runner (60% covered in hi-viz running gear, I don’t know what he thought I was!), I was then able to get on with the days training session, however, as I had been concentrating on making sure this guy was okay, I had not been aware how cold I had become and wasn’t feeling too great, so I decided to take it in stages: slow walk, normal walk, brisk walk, and then when I was ready, slow jog for about 10-15 minutes, until I warmed up and felt somewhat human again.  I made a slight change to the location of my interval session, as low hanging tree branches nearly caused me facial injuries on several occasions, being 6’5” tall and prone to things like that.  The training went very well, I am really getting used to it now and have given up going all out on the last repetition as it doesn’t solve anything for me, and I just end up burning out before the time is up.

Variety is the spice of life and a Jog/Run/Jog for Wednesday was just what the doctor ordered.  It was getting damn cold by this part of the week and I had to really concentrate as my face was getting numb with the cold, I am not bold enough to wear a balaclava in case I look like a bank robber running away from the scene of a crime, however, as I type this, why should I be bothered?

Another interval session for Thursday, with a slight difference to normal, as each rep decreased by five seconds and the walking parts decreased by 1 minute, so that made it interesting. I am really liking speed work and by treating it with the respect that it deserves, I can see how super important it really is in anyone’s training repertoire, not just runners.

That’s all the training for week two as I was suffering from the cold quite badly.  If you would like to know more about Raynaud’s Disease, please go to http://www.raynauds.org.uk/

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