Start as you mean to go on?

Posted on: 10 Jan 2017

Well, yes and no. My first intention for the New Year - to enter Snowdon marathon - was an epic fail. New Year's Eve at A's turned into a sleepover on her sofa, followed by brunch, then dinner again......... Away from my computer for a night and most of a day, I turned on to find it sold out. Oh well, that takes care of another decision. (More another time.) So cheering team and mountain walk it is. Next morning, reading about people's accommodation plans, it occurred to me that I had better get something sorted myself. And........ success! - I secured the very last place in Llanberis YH. Checking later, I was informed that there were no places left: 'Last one booked 42 minutes ago.' That would be me then. Okay, moving right along! Not bad for this chronic procrastinator. Next: how to get there. Hmm, not the easiest of places to get to.........! 4 trains at least. Think I'll deal with that problem another time!

A second New Year intention - to run on 1st of January - fared no better. But the 4 of us - me, A, G, and Rocky the dog did manage a walk round the Horw peninsula. An afternoon of freezing fog, grass furred grey with frost, trees encased in ice, frozen gossamer hanging in filigree webs. Not much of a view, but spectacular in its way: the summit of Pilatus appearing like a ghost mountain in the sky; a ship spookily sailing through apparent thin air, the lake invisible in the fog. The Highland cattle were out in their yard, totally unperturbed by the cold, enjoying combing their hair on an automatic rotating brush - they really seemed to love this. One calf was very interested in Rocky; Rocky not so sure! The sun did come through a bit towards the end; all in all, an enjoyable (if chilly) outing.



2nd January, Berchtold's Day. (Not a saint, apparently - I always assumed it was. But a holiday nevertheless.) Missed the only brief glimmer of sun, and headed out in icy fog once more to test out the hip. Started on the usual 5 kms on the school track, prepared to cut it short if it was a problem. I could still feel the sore spot, but as long as I plodded really slowly, it was quite tolerable. If I tried to push on, though, it definitely let me know it still wasn't happy. I haven't written about my 5k project yet, have I? Back in summer, with my parkrun times drifting perilously towards the 30 minute mark, I decided that would be a good thing to work on. In October, when work eased off, I got round to implementing the idea, with a weekly 5k 'tempo test' on the track. 4 weeks in, I'd got it down to 28:38 - still a long way off my 25:02 PB, but an improvement. With hindsight, I wonder if this somehow caused or contributed to the hip problem; but anyway, that put an end to the project for the time being. (This time it came out at 36:50, which I think we won't count!)

The following day, the snow arrived......... but I'll save that for next time.

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