Counting down in earnest.

Posted on: 25 Aug 2015

Well, the weather may not be traditional for this time of year, but one thing is for sure.  Come rain, hail, sun, wind (and maybe all of them at the same time!), Buzzers the length and breadth of the country will be painting the trails RED come Saturday.

From the last blog, it is clear that we're all going to be out there running.  Park Runs for some, 100K's for others.  In all the corners of the UK (and how great to see that Oggie himself is up and raring to go!), and beyond - well done Emelie for flying the Realbuzz flag for us in Sweden.

Let's all make sure that we get plenty of pictures so that we can update the FB page.  And let's all make sure that we tell whoever we can about the cause we are running in.  Yes, it's great to be running together as we plough our own trails.  But let's not lose sight of the reason we're doing it.  We're now in out third year of fundraising for a cause close to a Buzzer.  And, as has been said before, if it matters to one of us, then it matters to all of us.  One and all.

So, as we run, we'll make sure that we tell people why; who we are and why we're running.  

As the countdown continues, let's get ourselves prepared.  Not many more sleeps now, folks, and then we'll be donning the red and chewing up the routes.

I reckon it's nearly time for us to be standing like greyhounds in the slips....


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