Well, the country was certainly painted red!!

Posted on: 01 Sep 2015

Carlsberg don't do running weekends (we've got Marc to do that for us after all).  But if they did, they'd probably look a lot like this one.

Red was the colour, running was the game. Wow, just wow.  Is it just me, or does the response to the call get better every year (not to mention the miles being run getting more?!).

The blogs are coming in from everyone now, and they are going to make some fine reading, that's for sure.  The photos are hitting FB too - how awesome to see everyone bedecked in red, chewing up the tarmac/mud/grass, with the one cause in mind.

It's strange how running can create these bonds.  We were all running apart, but together.  I am sure that whilst we were out on our own runs, we were thinking of the others out on theirs; I know that I was.  Whether it be the super long distance runners, or those who were Park Running or cycling, it made not a jot of difference; we were all out there.

The total number of miles run/cycled is still being collated by our comptometer in chief, but how about this for something - Gaelle has said that over £600 was raised for the Cardiomyopathy Association in Duncan's memory.  People of Realbuzz, take a bow.  How awesome is that!!

So, we have had things confirmed for us again.  By the deeds of this weekend, we have proved that the "loneliness of the long distance runner" is, as we all suspected, a lie.  How can we be lonely with friends like ours, with comradeship by the bucketload, and with such levels of generosity.

There are many more miles of tarmac to be chewed before we don one colour again for the 2016 edition, but we have the memories of 2015 to keep us warm through the winter months that intervene.

Well done, one and all.

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