It's nearly time to roll!!

Posted on: 27 Aug 2015

2 days to go.  It's getting real!

We're all excited I am sure - red is the colour, and we're going to make it a red letter day for sure.

It's going to mean a lot to Gaelle I know that we're all out there together on Saturday, and we know that if it matters to one of us, then it must matter to all of us.

It's also almost like fate that a few old faces are back and blogging - how splendid and what timing!  We're as big a group as we can possibly be; our collective heart beats stronger than ever.  Welcome back, one and all - nothing changes around here; it's still an inspirational site, full of encouragement and crazy escapades!

To Gaelle and Hollywood; you will have a fantastic time running to Cambridge.  What an experience.  Gaelle, you have our best wishes as you storm towards one of the three (!) great Universities.  Your cause is true, your commitment great.  We are with you all of the way.

Hollywood, no-one deserves this more than you.  You support everyone so much, and are our cheerleader in chief.  You're always there with an inspirational word of encouragement.  Well, we wish you well.  Again, we're there, shoulder to shoulder.

Bolty, ah Bolty.  Yet another mad Ultra challenge.  For some of us, 100K on The Ridgeway was more than enough.  But for him?  Well, it has to be 88 miles.  Godspeed, sir!!

But we must remember this.  We all have a part to play.  We're all going to be out there in the red; be it a Park Run, a trot around the block, a bit of a trail run, or whatever.  So, however far we run, or wherever, let's get those daps laced up and get ready to rumble.  Oh, and, as you rumble, don't forget to take photos!!  We're going to paint the country red.

It's time to roll, guys.

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