Running vocabulary my way, like Sinatra

Posted on: 27 Nov 2009


Ok! I’m going to expose in a chronological way my training sessions since 21st november. This way I can learn or I can ruin (due to my outstanding english Laughing) running vocabulary! Let’s go!

Saturday, 21st november 2009 – Algemesi’s loop. ( Algemesi is a town near my wife’s hometown which it has an oustanding circuit –now is true-)

 It was my first time I’d run 10 Km. This loop has 2 Km. And those are my times.

 5 laps 10 Km average 5:25 min/km.

 Monday, 23th november 2009 – Gandia sports center’s pool.

 Swimming 45 min.

 Tuesday, 24th november 2009 – Home-Gandia’s port circuit.

 I’m not sure, I think there is about 8 Km. It took me 48 min.

 Wednesday, 25th november 2009 – Gandia sports center’s pool.


 Thursday, 26th november 2009 – Sports center’s athletics track.

 - 17:02 min walking (from home to sports center)

- 3 Km average 5:35 min/km

- 7 x 100m average 22 sec/100m (I have no idea how can I say this in english, running the same distance several times with breaks between them. “series” in spanish)

- 10:00 min stretching

- 15:48 min walking (from sport center to home)

 Friday, 27th november 2009 - Gandia sports center’s pool.



Oh! I forgot!, I am going to underline the words I’m not sure are correct on the context.

I’m sorry about my english! I am become mad due to the prepositions!

Be happy!

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