Yes! Done! I've run a 10K race!

Posted on: 07 Dec 2009

Actually I have run 10400 meters and it took me 57:25 min. It was really hot Cool, I can't understand why! It's december, I need rain, cold, snow ... Many times I think I should have been born elsewhere, such as England Wink, Finland, Sweeden or in the North Pole!  I really want to go to London, and feel the cold and rain on my face, bores me the sun, beach, heat, sweat.

Anyway, I enjoyed a lot the race, I began very slow because I was afraid of not being able to finish but when I passed the 6th kilometer, I felt good and strong and I increased the speed. At the end I really felt proud about my mark, 5,31min/km. Then we went to restaurant to celebrate it. I ate the bigest steak they had in there and we drank good red wine. Here, I was the winner! Laughing

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