Week 6

Posted on: 08 Mar 2010

Hi to you all.


Week 6 and all training mileage completed!Smile This despite spending two days in London so I'm pleased with myself.Laughing Thursday was travelling day, so I took it as rest instead of Friday. and caught up then.

The hotel had a fitness centre so I went there at 7:30 in the morning, and ran on the treadmill. Euch! How anyone can spend time on those things is a mystery to me. Bo-o-o-o-ring. Plod, plod,  plod watching the kilometre counter slowly (very slowly it seemed) build up, and all the time wishing I was on the road, with changing scenery and the challenge of crossing roads safely by guessing which way the motorists are going to go!Tongue out Eventually I reached the target, cooled down and I could take a shower ready for my sight seeing day.

Do you know, if you climb St Pauls to the Whispering Gallery, then go to the next stage, come back to the Whispering Gallery to persuade your wife to climb some more 'cause the view is fantastic, go back up and then finish it off by going to the highest balcony available to the general public, you'll do the equivalent of 647 steps on a gym stepper, but the difference is you will not be bored rigid, because the view of London from on high is unforgettable!! Then there's the bonus of coming down exercise. If you've any "legs " left then you could climb up to the gantry on Tower Bridge to see the bridge exhibition. I think it was one of the most entertaining training days I have ever had. Highly recommended.

Any downsides to this week? Only that the sub 10 average mile time is still out of reach, but it did get a few seconds nearer, so race day may yet be all it takes to go sub 10 all the way.

All for now . Good luck with your training.


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