The great sweepstake result.

Posted on: 27 Oct 2014

Morning all.

I know that the burning question for all this morning is not "Just how epic was the weekend?" (answer, very), or "just how many more marathons will Oggie run today?" (answer, quite a few probably), or even "how many points of view would you get from 12 economists?" (13, apparently).

No, the question is "who won the sweepstake?"

Well, firstly, many thanks to all who entered.  There's another goodly sum gone into Louie's Helping Hands pot.  As Libby would say "we're great, we are."

There were some inspired guesses, as well as some tremendous reasoning behind those guesses.  There was the need for patterns, the need for numeric consistency.  There was almost certainly a hell of a lot of stabbing in the dark!

And after all of that, the winner was ,much to Libby's delight, David.  Doubly delighted she was in that she has chosen a partner who doesn't drink red wine like she does.  Great foresight!  Whilst my memory fades a tad, I think he was within 15 mins or so of the correct time.  Honourable mentions to Gaelle and Jenny, who were both within 30 mins.

I can sense that already, spreadsheets are being readied, so that next year's anticipated runners can be plotted across the next 12 months.  The bar has been set, people, next year I want guesses to be one of two things;

1. Incredibly accurate, based as they will be on the aforementioned spreadsheets

2. Thought of even more cunningly than this year's winner.  David, I believe, took his runner number and multiplied it by 26.2!!

All that remains for me to say now is that we are close to closing the doors on this year's Great Oggie Run.  The doors to the next one will open on 1 January, and I am sure we will have fun planning when and where it will be.  There will certainly be a sweepstake for Snowdonia again too.  

Continuing in the vein of raising money for causes close to a Buzzer, next year will be the Cardiomyopathy Association, as we help Gaelle raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

Until 2015, one and all.

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