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Posted on: 21 May 2008

Forgive the following self indulgant blog, it sometimes helps a bit to get things off your chest?

If I was'nt a grown man I would cry. If I had ruptured my achilles all those weeks ago, the job would be done, I wouldn't be walking never mind running. But the body is wicked, it allowed me to think that I could somehow get myself fit enough to scale this task. But then, at the last moment it pulls the start line from under you feet and laughs at you?

I always said I wouldn't go to Edinburgh if I couldn't run, but the hotel, rail & entry fee are all bought, paid for and unrefundable. Mrs Rudd is looking forward to her weekend away, but what company am I going to be?

If I hadn't been running Edinburgh we would have been at Wembley watching Hull City play there for the first time, I don't suppose many Edinburgh pubs will want to watch the English Championship play off final next Saturday?

I am sat at work with a reuseable ice pack strapped to my ankle hoping for an acupuncture miricle at lunchtime. 

At the moment I don't feel like I want to run ever again, if it causes you this much misery, I did once enjoy it.


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