Posted on: 11 Apr 2014

Hi all,

Just a quick blog tonight before we stand on the biggest stage of them all The 2014 Virgin London Marathon.

After visiting the Excel Expo Arena on Wednesday to pick up my race number & timing chip, I am full of nerves, & excitement about what will unfold in the next 48 hours.

Anyway more of that in a moment. My trip down to London was fantastic. Going to the Excel Arena in the week was definetly the right choice as it wasn't very busy & it gave me a great opportunity to have a good look round avoiding the crouds. I should of done this before as I loved it so much more on this my final trip to the Excel.

I made sure that I visited every stand & picked up all the freebies on offer & it was such a relaxing day. It was capped off by meeting David Weir & Michael Owen on the same day & getting their autographs too. As I am a life long Liverpool supporter, meeting Owen was something of a dream, & sitting on the front row of the stage listening to him talk about his marathon preperation, felt like I was in a dream.

So after spending all day in London I left with a sence of nerves, sadness & excitement. I still can't believe that this will be my final London marathon & what I have achieved in a short space of my running career. I have raised nearly £5,500 since running London way back in 2011, it just shows what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

As I am writing this blog I am suffering with a lack of voice. I woke yesterday & lost my voice, & now I am sitting with my head over a bowl of stream to try & clear whatever it is stopping me from talking & breathing properly. I don't feel like I have a cold as I feel perfectly healthy, I just sound rough. I just hope it clears up & doesn't head down to my chest, otherwise Sunday could be even more of a challenge.

My injury is ok as I have done no running since last Saturday, so it's all or nothing come Sunday. I am ready, I am prepared, & most of all I believe that this is my time to shine & I will come home with a new PB whether it's under 4 hours or under 4,13 I am determined to finish London on a high.

I am starting at the red start in Zone 5 & I have decided to keep with a Runners World pacer who I found out is the editor of the magazine Andy Dixon. He is going around with the 3.56 pace flag attached to him. So if I can keep him in my sights then I know I am on course.

So this is it, I have to pop into work early tomorrow morning to prep for the day & then back home to pack my bag for my second trip to London, with the stage set for the stars to shine we will give the crouds the performance of our lives.

The countdown is on & I can't wait now. And I hope to finally get to meet some of you Realbuzzers. Thank you for all of your support guys, you are all an incredible bunch on here & you will always be in my thoughts on race day when the going gets tough.

I will report back after Sunday, but for now.........LET'S DO THIS!!!!

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