Posted on: 23 Feb 2014

Hi all,

We are all coming to the important part of our training where the long runs are becoming longer & we are pushing on with hitting our aims & goals. We are not all in the position to be enjoying our marathon build ups as injury has taken hold & caused us to reflect on our overall outlook.

I'm talking about my Realbuzz friend Vin. He is really going through a rough patch at the moment & I treat marathon training like a game of Snakes & Ladders, we have great runs & climb the ladders, but then we come across the deadly snakes & have a really bad patch, whether it be a bad run or something even worse like an injury.

Vin has the same goal as me to smash London in under 4 hours. I really hope we can stand on the start line together as I know at the moment he is really going through a rough patch with his calf injury.

I have titled this blog 'Momentum' because I feel that we are all at the stage where momentum is key to pushing on & smashing our goals. We all need this to carry us through the dark days where the going gets really tough.

In these final few weeks of training before Paris or London momtenum will carry you through to your finishing goal. You can all do this, you just need belief & momentum to carry you thorugh. Best of luck to each & every one of you, whether you are out to smash a PB or to just finish, you are all winners & when you look down at that shiney medal around your neck you can call yourself a marathon runner!!!

Onto my week, I haven't done any running since last Sunday, as I wanted to have a weeks break & spend some quality time with my kids on half term. I also purchased my first ever foam roller & watched YouTube videos into how to use these things proberly. My god I never knew how many knots I had in my legs, especially my IT band. OUCH!!!!

 I am going to be using this as much as possible now as my legs feel so much better using it. I have been doing a lot more core work this week, so it hasn't been a total week off.

I feel like I needed a break as my legs felt very tired after my 18 miler last week. Next week I will be resuming training & heading out for my 20 miler long run either Tuesday or Wednesday, my threshold run & my routine 10 miler.

My fundraising has also gathered momentum as my boys have been helping me with my charity stand. This was our second supermarket stall & the boys were superstars & they helped me raise £226.87!!! My overall total is now over £1000 which is fantastic as I have only done one charity event.

I feel like I am ready to push on in these last few weeks of my training & hopefully with the rest that I have had I can start to focus on my target of a sub 4 hours.

Just a quick note, it's Charlie's (seen on the left in this picture) birthday next month & we said we would get him a rabbit for his main present. We went out today to look at what the pet store had & we fell in love with these two.

 They are only 8 weeks old & we pick them up in a couple of weeks. The boys have decided to call them 'Ant & Dec'.

Have a great week guys & let's keep the momentum going.

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