Posted on: 17 Nov 2013

Morning all,

Frustrating is how I would some up last week. The running is not taking shape & I feel like I'm falling behind before I even get started. Work is really busy at the moment, as the boss is away, & after doing 14 hour days on my feet & not finishing until 10pm,running is the last thing I am thinking about. The only thing I'm loving at the moment is my bed!!!

This week I have only managed one run, yes one, & this took me around my village to complete a 13 mile loop. I was happy with how it went & I came home in 1.47 so my pace is still there. On the run I was trying out my new gels from SIS. They are so much easier to digest as they don't require water, so I think I'll be sticking with them from now on. 

The rest of the week has been dominated by work unfortunately & this week is over in a flash. I have been rallying the troops together & promoting my 80's charity disco night & this is starting to pay off. I should have some good numbers by next week. With it being £10 a ticket plus a raffle I should have a good chunk of money towards my fundraising target come Saturday night. 

My fundraising got off to a magical start this week & I had a very kind donation from a school mum. After watching DIY SOS this week from our home town of Peterborough she saw how some of the children find it hard coping with having cancer & living a day to day life, she new that I was raising money for Children with Cancer & wanted to help. She was recently diagnosed with a hard form of breast cancer herself only last month & her life has been turned upside down. She has started her treatment & had operations already, but she wanted to help others. After recieving a pay out for critical illness she wanted to donate to my charity. I told her that this was a lovely gesture but I wanted her to use it on herself & her young family. She said that this is something she wanted to do as she can't imagine how scared & frightened these children must be not understanding what is going on as she is finding it so hard to come to terms with as an adult. 

After lots of tears & hugs she wrote me a cheque out for £200!!!! WOW I thought. I was blown away & this has gone straight into my just giving account to start the ball rolling. 

This week is all about finding decorations & outfits for next Saturdays 80's night so I have a busy week ahead. I am hopeful of a better weeks running next week as I am starting my plan. Angus's plan is what I have decided to use with a few alterations to suit me. As I have never done any kind if speed work before I feel like I need to start now as I think this is my only way of cracking that sub 4 hour marathon. Let's just hope I can stick to this plan as on previous attempts I have given up & just done my own thing. 

I'm off to an awards function this evening, black tie event, as my work has been nominated for two awards, best customer service & contribution to the community. It should be a great night but I'm a little worried about my suit as the last time I wore it I wasn't running so the trousers might seem a little big around the waste lol. 

Keep up all the good work & as always I love reading all your blogs. Have a great week guys!!!


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