Posted on: 05 Feb 2014

Hi all,

The title says it all. My body is giving up piece by piece, yes I might be exaggerating this a little but this is how I feel whilst writing this.

First it was my knees & now I have pulled my back whilst ripping up my carpet on the stairs in preperation for a new one coming tomorrow. Thank god we don't change our carpets regularly because this was harder than I thought.

So last night my lovely wife Lyns was rubbing Deep Heat on my lower back to try & ease the pain, it did ease for a short while, but during the night the pain kept me awake.

I am currently walking around the house like an old man, chuntering to myself, as this isn't in my plan & I had an 18 miler planned for today as well, and after reading Hollywood's great blog yesterday I was buzzing to get out there to smash up the tarmac.......this wasn't to be!!!

They always say that things come in three's but I hope this is the end to my setbacks. My knees seem to be ok at the moment & I am managing to keep the niggles under control (touch wood), I'm just hoping that my back gets better soon & that I can resume training by the weekend.

I have been looking over my plan to see where I can make adjustments & I have worked out that by the end of March I can be up to 22 miles, which is only 2 miles short of where I wanted to be at that stage, so i'm still on course to be in the best shape come race day.

This blog sounds like i'm having a right old moan (sorry) & that i'm feeling sorry for myself (sorry again), but it's not all doom & gloom, yesterday I managed a new 4 mile threshold PB around my local village, which I was very pleased about.

I am starting to love these kind of runs & I am really starting to feel the benefits in my overall fitness. After about 3 miles I could really start to feel the burn in my legs & chest & I felt alive. My body was telling me to slow down & take a breather, but I knew I was on for a quick time. Yes I wanted to throw up at the end , but this was only short lived & the PB will last a lifetime. (I sound like Hollywood now lol)

I have my fundraiser at my local supermarket on Sunday & I have my two boys coming with me to be on my team. Children with Cancer have kindly sent them a T-shirt each which they will be wearing on the day. I'm looking forward to it & I hope to raise as much as I can for this fantastic charity. I'll get some pictures & give you guys an update next week.

So as I look outside & hear the wind battering my fence & the rain lashing against the windows I reflect on another training week slip away without any further progress. Until next week guys........take care!!!


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