Posted on: 05 Nov 2013

Hi all,

WOW!!!! This is what I have been saying to myself when I have been reading all your blogs over the past few days. You guys & girls have smashed PB's, travelled across the pond with the Realbuzz baton, demolished assult courses by defying all logic, & never giving in when the going has got tough. I am proud to know each & every one of you on here, we all know what it takes to push ourselves & why we are so determined to finish any obstacle no matter how big or small. Unless you are a Realbuzzer you won't fully understand. But I am proud to be part of this family & long my it continue.

As it was half term last week my running schedule went out of the window. This was a week of quality family time, & the last time we had off together before Christmas. I set myself a challenge last Monday to run everyday at least 5 miles & see where I was by Friday. I either ran first thing in the morning or late in the evening, depending on what plans we had for each day.

I set off Monday evening & did a loop around my village. It had to be a loop as we have restricted street lighting due to us living in the sticks. Anyway I managed 5 miles in 38.55 with an average mile pace of 7.47. I was quite pleased with that as the conditions were horrid.

On Tuesday we had a family day out to Twinlakes & we had a great time, as the theme park was decorated in all things Halloween. As we were out all day I wasn't really in the mood to drag myself out that evening, but I was determined to keep to my personal challenge & set out in the dark again. I pushed myself a little harder & felt tired but I was always in control of my breathing & stride. I finished my 5 miles in 38.21 with an average mile pace of 7.40. My confidence was growing by the day & I was starting to feel the benefits of running each day.

I managed my first morning run on Wednesday & this meant that I wasn't restricted to following the street lights. My legs felt stiff & sore as I have never run three consecutive days before & my muscles didn't know what was going on. I wanted to see if I could achieve a PB as I felt good the day before. After the first few miles I knew I was on target & kept increasing the pace each mile. My legs still felt like led so I decided to only do 10K with this in mind I went for it. By mile 5 I felt really strong & my stride became bigger & my arms were driving me to the finish. When I stopped my app I couldn't believe that I had smashed my 10K time by over a minute. My previous best was 46.09. I did it in 45.00!!!!! My avarage mile pace was 7.30. It just goes to show that if I can run more than 3 days a week my times will improve & so will my overall fitness.

As it was Halloween on Thursday & I didn't have the time for a run & I felt like I had let myself down by not achieving my challenge of running each day, but I never thought I would get a PB from it so I wasn't to disappointed. That evening we had the family around, we all dressed up & painted our faces & set off around the village. I don't usually get the chance to go 'Trick or Treating' with the kids as i'm usually working, so this was special for me.

Friday was the last run of the week for me as I was back to work Saturday. My legs still felt stiff & my left knee was starting to cause me pain again, so I set out cautiously for a routine 5 miler. As I got half way I felt good & my legs felt like they belonged to me again so I pushed on. As I completed my route I couldn't believe my time. Without pushing myself I still came in in under 38 minutes with an average mile pace of 7.35. All week I have been averaging around 7.35-7.45. I know the miles are short but I am not a quick runner, i'm a long distance runner who sticks to a consistant pace of around 8.30 per mile, so for me this is a great achievement.

So onto this week & as of yet I haven't been out running this week as work is full on as the boss is on holiday so running will have to take a back seat until Sunday which is my next day off & my routine 10 miler.

I'm not to worried at this stage about going out as I know I am in better shape than last year. I was looking back at my blogs from last years training & I will make sure that come next April I will have put everything into achieving my goal of a sub 4 hours. I will leave nothing behind. My next target is to be up to 16 miles by Christmas, then I can push on in the New year. I am hoping to run the Nene Valley 10 miler on 1st December, as this is good preperation for next year.

I just want to say Thank You to Angus & Jim for taking the time out to send me their Training Plans, they have both been very helpful & with this information I am in the process of creating my own plan which will be based around my days off, work & family time.

Happy training guys & keep the great blogs coming!!!


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