Posted on: 29 Dec 2013

Hi all,

I hope you all had a great Christmas & spent quality time with family & friends. I think from reading other blogs over the past few days we have all over indulged & taken the spirit of Christmas literally, but that's what it's all about. Even us Realbuzzers have to unwind & be let loose now & again.

My Christmas was filled with making Lego, playing board games which involved snot & cow pats......don't ask, & spending some quality time with my kids, which has been lacking leading up to Christmas due to work commitments. We did the traditional Turkey lunch & the kids got throughly spoilt from both sets of grandparents, I think we need a bigger house with all what Santa brought for them.

This leads me nicely onto my blog title. Christmas is never about us anymore as we like to make it special for the kids & see their happy faces on Christmas morning. I had asked for a few running accessories like a foam roller, socks etc & I cheekly asked for a Garmin watch, which I knew I wouldn't get due to the high price tag.

Thoughout the day I was spoilt with vouchers to spend at Advanced Performance, which is my local running shop, to purchase a new pair of trainers in the New Year, the usual smellies & selection boxes. Before we new it it was the evening & we were heading over to my parents to have Christmas Day Part 2, as we had spend the day at my in-laws.

After being up since 6am with excitement we were starting to feel a little tired now as the day was coming to a close. Under the tree I saw this big box with my name on it, inside I thought to myself ' That box is to big to be a Garmin', my mum said that it had lots of presents inside as she didn't want to wrap them all individually, I fell for that!!!

As I opened the box I soon realsied that something was disguised & I opened the box to find a Garmin watch sitting at the bottom looking at me. I was in shock, complete shock. I ran over to my parents & dived on them in complete excitement, I never saw that coming!!! WOW my own Garmin 610 Forerunner, I wanted to go out then & there & test this beast out, but it had to wait.

I'd like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to my parents for buying such a special gift for me & this will give me that extra determination to try for my target time in London, I have all the technology I need to achieve this & I am going to give it my all!!!

I haven't done much running over Christmas as I feel this is a special time for family etc, so today was my first chance to try my new toy out & I ventured out for my routine 10 miler or so it seemed. I have been using my 'Map My Run' app since I started running to give me accurate mile times & distance, but I found out today that this is way out. This could explain why I feel I could never perform at races, due to my app giving me false readings.

Today I did a proper 10 miles & here are my results. (I hope this works)


I found this run hard & slightly frustrating, hard because it was my first run after Christmas & the legs & lungs felt heavy & frustrating because I had been kidding myself all this time about how far I had been running.

I've now figured out how to program the watch for interval training, which I will hopefully be doing on New Years Day. Then it's back into the marathon training plan next week with my long run being 15 miles.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve whatever you buzzers are doing & all the best for 2014!!! 

Let's make 2014 a one to remember!!!!


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