Posted on: 27 Oct 2013

Hi all,

As I have a week off with the family this week due to the kids being off my running routine will have to be changed as to 'as & when' especially if we have a monsoon & hurricane winds on the way. 

I have been reading all your blogs this week & you have all been smashing PB's & family records. What great effort & determination guys. I have been thinking about setting myself a running plan for the London marathon next year as I really want to hit my goal of a sub 4 hours & I think sticking to a plan will keep me focused & determined to be in the best possible shape come April. There are so many plans available but I can't find one which I like. Can I make my own? How do I go about this? Your help on this would be greatly appreciated guys. I'm looking to do between 3/4 sessions a week, as this is the only time I have available.

I'm still really thinking of treated myself to a Garmin as I think this will give me an extra boost over the hard winter months training. 

Have a good week guys. 

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