Normal service resumed

Posted on: 02 Feb 2006

After an eventful journey home, a brief spell of internet fiddling and feeding the progeny, I set off to try some of the more complex buttons on the treadmill. That lead to me legging it up and down (mostly up) some virtual hills until I was the sole patron. Tried this without the aid of MTV / Sky news / America's next top dog food commercial in the headphones and instead listened to the various rasping and thumping noises that I now imagine have always eminated from my ageing corpse when under exertion. Doesn't bear thinking about. This I think will be a useful guide for the big event, because it was quite frightening and I wouldn't want to set off from Greenwich not knowing what was normal.

Overheard someone talking about joggers nipple in the changing room, so I enquired at reception but, alas, they had sold out.

 Pip pip.

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