Wired for Sound

Posted on: 08 Mar 2006

The birthday came and went and I now find myself entering my 47th year. Being a lucky boy, I now have an iPod to accompany me on my 'long' runs. (this is what real runners talk about all the time, so I thought I'd join in.) This is necessary to help remediate the effects of several large celebratory meals without relying on my fading memory of the pigeon song.

Funny what goes through the mind on a treadmill. As I remain convinced that 50 is the new 30, not just because we are likely to have to go metric before the Olympics in 2012, I'm looking forward to retiring at 108 (the new 65, at least mathematically).

 Whizz-Kidz have sent me a nice new running vest and have promised to send me some rabbit ears for the main event. I assume these are to be used as a high protein snack, between drink stations.

 Can't wait.

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