Posted on: 31 Jan 2006

Went to the gym tonight. Busy. Only one hamster wheel available when I started. Loads by the time I had finished. I think mine must have been broken, as everybody else was going down the Mall while I was still looking for Canary Wharf.

Failed to turn up at a reunion last Friday which was bad of me, but at least I avoided the pork scratchings and the training goes on.

Left groil aching a bit. Probably nothing to worry about. Also big toe, right foot (the one that clicks) was a little tetchy. Mentioned it to the Doctor, when he last interfered with me (although I'm yet to hear the snap of the rubber glove), and he said I have to expect some bits to grow lumps and others to drop off at my time of life.

 I noticed at the gym that the club is supplying another potential organ donor in April. As my friends and associates continue to be generous I'll let him fleece the hamsters.

Better go now. Beginning to feel like Bridget Jones.


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