The other half

Posted on: 25 Mar 2006

Despite having invited four mothers, not all mine, for lunch toworrow and, therefore, needing to hold enormous reserves of energy for the inevitable washing-up mountain, I was dispatched to complete the marathon I began at Silverstone using a route of my choice. It's nice to be in charge (I imagine).


Having not planned the route I had to guess a bit about how far to go. I was back home in one minute less than I took last week and thought that I must have improved. However, having driven parts of the family around the route later, I found I was not only one minute quicker, but also one mile shorter. Ho hum.


I still see this as a good thing, because if I add the two halves together I will be close to St. James's park after 4 hours 11 mintues.


All I need do now is persuade the organisers to let me sit down for a week after I cross the Thames.

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