Follow that Limo!

Posted on: 24 Apr 2006

Had I known it was permissible to take a taxi, I would have.

I met some very interesting people on my long jog around London: there was the man wearing only a leopard skin thong (who was the subject of conversation between two teenaged girls in the Deptford chapter of the crowd, each guessing how many socks had stuffed in his pouch), the bling Korean, the unidexter who hopped past me on the Isle of Dogs, Rupert the Bear, Sccoby Doo, two Sponge Bob Square Pantses and a chap called Tony, who was running his third marathon in five weeks, with one more to go soon. Respect. There was the now nationally famous Bride, Groom and Father of the Bride, a small boy who hit me in the docklands (always painful) with a large green plastic hand for not running quickly enough and hundreds of complete strangers who shouted encouragement at Bailey, as it said on my vest.

There was a band, somewhere, playing a great ska version of 'Keep on Running' and a smarty-pants playing 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' in his front garden, just a few hundred yards before somebody's granddad was attempting to dislodge something from his bugle, by spitting through it. or so I thought.

I had an interesting conversation with two men whose plan was to 'find a nice pert bottom and follow it like the greyhounds follow the hare at Walthamstow'. The problem with their scheme was that by the time they had suggested it, all the pert bottoms (except mine) were having a nice warm shower and the event more accurately became a case of the grey-hairs following the hounds bottoms. If you get my drift.

The whole thing took me ages; possibly because I did walk a bit, however, a new found friend said at one point 'there's a camera around the corner, mate, we'd better look like we've been running!', so we did. We waved and smiled at the camera as we tried to look like Emile Zatopek but no-one I know saw any of it. A just reward for vanity (it's a sin, you know).

I'm really happy to have been there.

 Thanks to both of you for reading this.

 Next stop: London 10k, 2nd July.

 Pip pip. 

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