Second Wind

Posted on: 02 Jul 2008

Following the last entry in April 2007 I am happy to report that I have bought a new pair of running shoes that cost more than my first car and have signed up at a new gym.

On my first visit I discovered, rather later than would have been useful, that they have treadmills calibrated in miles per hour instead of kilometers. At first I was concerned that I had slipped too far to recover but, when the maths were complete, I found confidence that I will be ok.

I took part in the 2007 GNR but due to insufficient training had too walk the last three miles. Not because I couldn't run, but becuase my heart rate monitor told me I was dead and I had had specific instructions from the nursing staff that this should not be allowed to happen.

Additional to the running and fund raising targets I have also set a weight reduction target. Wearing nothing but a smile and peering over the excess, down towards the display, I discovered on the morning of 1st July that there are 185lbs of me. I think that's about 17lbs more than anyone could ever need, so by the next GNR (5th October) I will be a trim 12st. dead (as in exactly, otherwise matron will complain).

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