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Posted on: 20 Mar 2006

Along with several thousand others, 3370 of whom ran quicker than me, I ran the Silverstone half marathon yesterday. I was pleased to have done it because: I got round without stopping, was within a gnat's of my target time, and can still walk. However, it has underlined (double), put into italics & bold, the fact that twice the distance is a very long way indeed.

The iPod was a welcome companion and a few of the songs were just what I needed. The podcast of last Wednesday's Today programme was less effective.

The start I found strangely emotional, in a positive way, to see so many people doing something simultaneously worthwhile and pointless, and being one of them. The end I found less strangely emotional, but the last 100 yards were the easiest to run. The next 100 almost impossible to walk. Odd that.

 I was helped through this with huge dollops of TLC for which I am grateful.

 Two, perhaps three, more long runs over the next couple of weeks and we'll see what happens.


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