Off to the Emerald Isle

Posted on: 12 Apr 2007

Sorry not to have been in touch. I've had a few things to deal with since last April.

I asked the woman I have always loved to marry me (that was in May),  left the job that I had been in for nearly 20 years, formed a company, failed to work or five months, started to work again, lost my father, got married, took a new job and wound up my company.....blimey, I'm tired.

Anyway. On Sunday, as long as my daughter's skiing injury permits, I'm of to Dublin to run 10k around Phoenix Park. Bupa. Anthony's fault. Probably won't even see him.

I haven't reported on the training because I haven't done any. I resigned from my gym today as I simply haven't been going there. However, I'm really tempted by the Great North Run at the end of September; so watch this space. 

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