Too smug

Posted on: 21 Apr 2006

I have done no, or little, exercise this week and now both knees hurt, one more so than the other, I feel really tired and have a mild cold.

I can't help thinking that I should have gone over to the dark side when I had the chance.

Lots of encouragement today. Some even plausibly genuine concern. One or two quips about St.Thomas's and a reminder that 'it may only be a bit of charity, but anything over four hours is a disgrace'. Disgrace it will be, then.

A friend, also running and a veteran of New York, told me he hoped to avoid being one of the poor unfortunates 'pooing themselves in the Mall'. Up to that point I had no idea that that was a possibility. I thought Paula did it for a bet.

Spare a prayer.

Pip pip.

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