Posted on: 08 Jan 2014

Hi all,

After reporting on my knee troubles yesterday I took the cautious approach to skip my 15 miler today. This decision wasn't taken without careful consideration. I was looking at my 'Angus Plan' last night with two ice packs on my knees thinking can I afford to miss a big session like this. The answer was 'Yes' as my plan will take me up to 24 miles by the start of March, allowing me a few rest days or weeks leading up to the marathon. My last long run is scheduled for the 19th March which will hopefully be a 25 miler, but having this plan infront of me allows me to reschedule incase I have slight niggles etc.

After reading your comments from yesterdays blog Berlin Bolt suggested that I look into changing my trainers. I didn't even think to get these checked, so today I went down to my local running shop in Peterborough (Advanced Performance) to get my trainers checked & have my gait analysed to see if I needed a new pair. It turns out that my trainers support had worn thin & I was advised to purchase a new pair in preperation for the high milage that i'll be doing.

This could explain why my knees were starting to hurt as I had little or no support left in my trainers. My last pair was brought in June so it was definetly time for some new ones.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Saucony Omni 12 which is the upgrade from my last pair. You don't realise how much support & cushioning you get from a new pair of trainers until you go out in them.

So thanks to Mr Bolt for his advice i'll hopefully be back into my plan by the weekend & with a bit of luck my Garmin watch will be in the post, so I can get back to being fully focused on my plan, as the great Hollywood would say 'CCCCHHHHAAAAARRRRGGGGGEEEEE'.

I have been given some good news on my fundraising as two local supermarkets have kindly replied to my letters saying that I can set up a stand in their entrance to collect for Children with Cancer. I'm hopeful of raising a good amount as the charity have given me some wristbands & keyrings for small donations. I'll keep you updated.

Take care guys.

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