Posted on: 08 Apr 2014

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to congratulate all our buzzers who completed Brighton & Paris last Sunday, you carried the Realbuzz baton with pride & now it is heading over to London so that we can keep the baton alive & we will not let you down.

I have been reading your blogs & as always the doubts start creeping in. Have I done enough training? Will my injury hold up on the day? What if I hit 'the wall'?

All these self doubts are all perfectly normal & we wouldn't be human if we didn't feel anxious or nervous, it's our bodies way of preparing for battle & believe me we will all win the war!!!

Whether it's your first marathon or your third marathon (like myself & Vin) embrace it, enjoy it, because this is the real X Factor & we all have it. You will never experience anything like this again, & that's what makes me keep coming back for more, it's like my secret love affair with London (but don't tell Mrs S lol) & we are all superstars waiting to shine.

Wear your vest or T-shirt with pride, have your name proudly shown on the front, because the London croud will drive you on like no other, they will lift you & shout out your name like you are world famous superstar. Yes the streets of London will be packed 5 or 6 deep to see Mo & co head off at world record pace, but you guys are the real stars, you guys are raising money for your charites or running for loved ones, that is what makes London such a special race & one which will live long in my memory.

Yes be nervous, Yes be scared, but don't be affraid, because you have earnt your place on the start line & you have put everything into getting there. On Monday morning when you wake up & look at the shiny medal around your neck it will sink in what you have achieved & that you have run on of the greatest events in the world!!!

I am heading down to London tomorrow to collect my race number & have a good look around the Expo. I can't wait & the sleepless nights & flashbacks from previous marathons are flooding back. I'm buzzing!!!

My 6 miler on Saturday was relatively pain free, I say this because I finished ok in a reasonable time of 47 minutes but the pain didn't kick in until I stopped, but I am learning to manage this & after an ice bath & foam roller I was ok, just niggled throughout the rest of the day. I am stretching as much as possible, but it is finding the time at the moment as from today (excluding tomorrow, when I head to London) work is flat out until Saturday.

I thought now would be a good time to put this picture of my experience from last years marathon on here. This is placed up my stairs along with my other framed medal picture from 2011. On Sunday memories will be made for the final time. Enjoy it guys, yes it will get tough, & you will be thinking about stopping but when you finally cross the finish line down The Mall all of the pain will be worth it just for this!!!

BELIEVE like no other......YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!


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