Posted on: 11 Dec 2013

Hi all,

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not keeping up to date with my blogging. Work & family life have taken over these past few weeks, and I have finally found the time to get back up to date.

What a few weeks it has been, I have only started back running again last week as I have been suffering with man flu which then turned into laryngitis so I have had no energy to do anything. (Sorry Hollywood, I should of tried to run on empty lol)

With no running since the back end of November I decided to use my time in fine tuning my marathon training plan. This is the first time I will be using a plan, as in previous years I have just gone with the flow & just increased my miles on a weekly basis. No tempo or interval training, just lace up & run.

Finally having my plan fine tuned to me. It has taken pride of place on my fridge & each session will get ticked off as the weeks pass. This has given me a real determination & drive to hopefully hit my target of a sub 4 hour marathon come April.

My plan is based on three sessions a week concentrating on tempo, speed & a long run. My tempo run will take place every Saturday or Sunday with the aim to run 10 miles at my 10K + 35-40 seconds. Tuesday is all about speed work running between 3- 6 miles at 10K pace, then finishing off with my Wednesday L/R which starts at 13 miles then increases a mile each week leading up to the big day, these will be run at 60-75 seconds slower per mile.

I think this plan will suit my busy lifestyle & hopefully improve my VO2 max in the process. I just want to be in the best shape possible & feel confident that I won't cramp up around the 20 mile marker, like I have done on previous attempts.

The plan started last weekend & I didn't push myself to hard on my 10 miler as I haven't run this far since The Great Eastern way back in October. My average pace was 8.12 per mile, which I was happy with considering my lack of running. Tuesday was my speed session which is new to me & god I felt like my lungs were going to pop out of my chest in the last mile!!! I managed 5 miles with the last one being a cool down.

Today was my 13 mile L/R which I was a little worried about as I was still feeling the effects from last nights speed session. I laced up & just thought to myself 'just see how far you can go'. I managed to complete the distance & felt ok, the legs did feel a little stiff around 11 miles but I wasn't going to finish my first weeks plan with a cross in the box, so I pushed on to complete my L/R in 1.46.47, which isn't my quickest but i'll take that, as it's a good platform to work on.

This week has seen both my boys play staring roles in their school nativity plays. Alex (my youngest, seen on the left in the photo) had his first taste of a Christmas play, he was a King & he even had a speaking part. I was so proud of him & was on the edge of my seat thoughout as I didn't know how he would be infront of all those people. he was a little unsure at first & we had a few tears, but he soon composed himself & really got into the play.

Charlie, my eldest, was nervous about his play today as he was given one of the lead roles & had a lot of lines to learn. He smashed it & was the star of the show!!! I was nearly close to tears at one point as we have been learning the lines over the past few weeks, I felt like I was going through it with him on stage. I am one proud daddy tonight!!!

Sorry for the long blog, but so much has been happening over the past few weeks. I will make more of an effort to blog on a weekly basis, I might even include a colume on my plan to make sure I blog!!! lol

I have loved reading all your blogs & have commented when I can. I love the idea of us all getting together for a Realbuzz run one day, hopefully somewhere in the centre of the UK where we can all attend.

Have a great week guys, and keep up all your hard training.

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