Posted on: 19 Mar 2014

Hi all,

Decisions, Decisions.

I don't know what to do for the best. I'll explain & hopefully you Realbuzzers will be able to help me.

After last weeks 21 mile run I haven't done any running since, this is because I have been experiencing discomfort in my left hip, more around near the top of my left bum cheek to be more precise. I put this down to the long run & with a couple of days rest & using my foam roller i'll be ok.

This wasn't the case & the discomfort turned into more of a dull pain which I always knew was there. As my job means that i'm on my feet for 14 hours a day this wasn't an easy thing to try & rest with. First of all I thought it was my IT Band down the left side of my leg, but the main point of pain is in my bum cheek. Weired.

I wanted to set out today & try & do another long run as I feel only one 21 miler isn't really enough. As Iset off I felt the dull ache getting progressively worse & the pain then started to move into the hip area. This started to affect my stride, and as much as I tried to block it out I knew that this was not going to be a long run at all. I managed a very slow 7.5 miles which seemed to take forever.

This is were you guys come in. I need some advice. I am frustrated that I can't push on from last week, I am frustrated that I am slightly injured when I need to be doing my finally long runs. What do I do?

Do I carry on & manage the pain?

Do I start to Taper now?

What could this pain be, hamstring, ligiment, IT Band?

Do I still to my plan?

Yes I should go & see a specialist, but I can't get in until next Wednesday now

So many unanswered questions, & so soon to London. I want to be as fit & ready as possible on the start line without this dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over me. I need advice, I need reasurance & most importantly I need my confidence back. This is one hell of a rollercoaster ride & I want it to end!!!

On a more positive note my fundraising is coming along at a great pace. My boss has kindly donated a voucher to raffle off in the shop to win free Fish & Chips for a year!!! It's £1 a ticket & at the last count I had over £300!!!! with over 3 weeks still left to go.

Not long to go now guys, keep up all your fantastic efforts & we'll all be seeing the rewards in a few weeks time!!!

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