Posted on: 11 Feb 2014

Hi all,

What can I say, the weather at the moment is really trying to make life difficult for marathon training, but if it was easy we would all be doing it.

I have had a real sense of determination this week to get back on track & show the weather who's boss. I have had to really try hard not to throw in the towel & go for the easy life of a dry, calm sunny run, but these days are few & far between & I needed to tackle this head on & get back into it no matter what the weather has in store.

Since my last blog I had been suffering with a pulled back, which occured when I was pulling up our carpet. I had a real moan about this on here & you guys really helped me through so a real THANK YOU!!!! You guys all know what it's like when we have setbacks, & it's how we come through them which makes us.

Anyway I missed out on my long run last Wednesday due to my back pain & decided to rest up for a couple of days & give my routine 10 miler a go on Saturday. As has been the theme with the weather, it was very windy but I was determined to put my back to the test.

Heading out was ok as I had back wind, which helped me get into a nice pace & gently ease back into it. As I turned to head home at the 5 mile point the wind really held me back & I had to use all my strength just to stay upright!!! The back was starting to niggle & the pain was getting worse as I clocked off the miles, so I cut the run short & managed 9 miles. I didn't want to do anything to risk further injury & was happy that I manged a good run in horrid conditions.

Over the weekend I did some research into why I was getting cramp & after reading your comments I increased my sodium & magnesium levels. On the Sweatshop site they were promoting this new hydration drink which was proven to reduce cramp in endurance sports, I was willing to give it a go & ordered a box.

They don't taste that great, so I added some squash to it & it's not that bad. If it stops my cramps I'll try anything.

Sunday was my fundraising day at my local Morrisons & my boys were really looking forward to it, but unfortunately Alex my youngest wasn't very well so it was just me & Charlie.

Here are the boys in their Children with Cancer T-Shirts, which they loved.

Charlie was an absolute star & really got stuck into the fundraising, talking to the customers as they walked into the store, handing out ballons & making daddy very proud!!!

The total made on the day was £160.83!!! What a fantastic amount in under 4 hours. We are doing it again on the 22nd Feb at Sainsbury's this time, so I have set him a challenge to beat this amount.

Back to the running & today I decided to mix things up & do my long run instead of doing it on Wednesday. The weather was going to be terrible on both of these days but I new that it had to be done.

After dropping the kids off at school the weather was really putting me off & the driving rain was not making it any easier, these are the moments when your mental strength comes into play, most people would of stayed in the warmth of there comfy home, not me, not us realbuzzers!!!

I laced up, drank an SIS Electrolyte drink, mixed up my new SOS Rehydrate to take with me, packed up my SIS gels & energy bars a few Jelly Babies & I was out the door. I set the Garmin to cover 18 miles & I wanted to do this slower than marathon pace, I think the weather helped me stick to a slower time as I didn't want to push to hard as in the back of my mind I knew what happened on my previous run.

I decided not to look at my watch throughout my run & just go with the flow to try & enjoy being back into training again. The weather was throwing everything at me from gail force winds, rain, sleat & heavy hail bashing against my face, but this was going to be my day.

My pace was good my legs & lungs felt good & the miles were clocking off, without realising I had done 7 miles, yes I was soaked through but I was loving it. As I pushed on I had to change course as the route I had planned out was flooded so I did a loop of 9 miles out & 9 back. The first 9 felt comfortable until I turned around to head home & that's when I had the heavy winds & rain lashing against my face all the way home.

I felt alive & stronger as the run progressed. I managed my 18 miles with no cramp or back niggles, I could of gone on. maybe to 20 miles, but by this point my shoes were starting to get heavy with water & I needed a hot bath.

Here is my run in more detail.

Tomorrow will be a recovery session of 4 miles instead of my threshold run. I feel my fitness is at a stage where I can mix my threshold training up a little & concentrate more on my long runs.

It's great to be back!!!! Have a great week everyone.



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