Posted on: 07 Jan 2014

Hi all,

With Christmas being just a distant memory & everybody looking forward to the challenges that 2014 brings, I am full of obtermisum that these hurdles can be met head on, jumped over & destroyed.

My blog title reflects how 2014 has started for me so far. I'm going to be a 'Glass Half Full' person this year & not think of the negetives & here's why. After my first run with my new Garmin watch I was delighted to finally get my data uploaded to share with you guys, & that's the last time it has been used. This is due to the screen being all distorted & not functioning properly. It has been sent back so I am waiting for a replacement. This has left me with no accurate timing watch so I have gone back to using my phone app for the time being.

Not a great start to the year, but the running continues. I've been sticking to my plan (which is now called the Angus Plan) & have been upping the mileage each week. My routine 10 miler didn't go according to plan last weekend as I had to stop with just over a mile to go, I had really bad stomach cramps & had the sudden feeling of nausea so I had to cut the run short. I felt really good throughout the run, but when I started to push for home that's when things started to go wrong. Just a bad run I guess.

Today was my threshold run with the intention of running at a pace around 1 minute faster than my marathon pace. I dropped the kids off at school for their first day back & ran around my local village which is a 1 mile loop. I did this 4 times with each mile quicker than the last. My mile times were:- 8.08,7.47,7.27,and 7.00 this gave me an overall average pace of 7.37 per mile, which I was really pleased with considering the conditions this morning.

Tomorrow is my planned 15 mile long run which I am looking forward to. My knees have been playing up since the weekend & I only feel discomfort when I cool down. I have been wearing my knee support at work, as being on your feet 14 hours a day isn't helping the recovery. I had this problem when I trained for London last year. I think it's the tendon & ligaments just being overworked a little, I'm icing them when I can & i'll see how they are after tomorrow. I'm not going out hard on my long run I just want to be able to complete the distance pain free, as there is still a long way to go before April.

A positive outlook towards my goal is what will see me though & make me a stronger runner in the long run.

I have been reading all your blogs over the past couple of days & you all seem to have filled your calendars with events already. Great stuff!!! Where do you find all these events? I would love to take part in a lot more activities this year as I only do 3 planned events each year. This is mainly to do with the costs at entering these events. I appreciate that these are organised events which take a lot of planning & cost which is then paid for by us, but I just want to run without having to break the bank, what with travel & sometimes overnight stay, the costs soon add up. I was looking to enter the ballot for The Great North Run this year but I was soon put off by the £50 registration fee. Any advice as to how to run without breaking the bank would be fantastic!!!

I hope you all have a great weeks training & I look forward to reading all your blogs.

Take care.

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