Posted on: 29 Jan 2014

Hi all,

After having last week off from training due to work commitments, it was back to business as usual on Saturday. I set out to do my usual 10 miler, but after a few miles I found this really hard going. My legs felt heavy & my lungs were ready to burst. It just goes to show that missing a few quality training sessions really does make the diffence, not to mention doing a 70 hour week on my feet all the time!!!

I finally got into some sort of rhythm & tried to push on for the last 5 miles. I felt really good but the legs didn't want to know, no matter what I tried I couldn't get any speed up. I finished feeling frustrated & tired, maybe I should of left this run until next week!!

Tuesday was my 4 mile threshold run around my village & on Monday I finally got my Garmin back, the first one I had at Christmas was faulty so it was great to finally have my training aid back. This gave me all the motivation I needed after such a poor run on Saturday.

Once I dropped the kids off at school I headed out, the elements were not on my side & I don't usually let the weather win as I have run in all weathers, but I have never experienced rain like this. It was mixed with hail stones & along with the driving head winds I found this a real struggle. I managed 2 miles & headed home. When I walked through the front door I managed to empty the water out of my trainers, & tried to dry off. This was a freak storm & lasted for about 20 minutes flooding our village for a short time. Things are not going to plan.

Today was my LSR of 17 miles & I was determined to complete this, as the last two sessions haven't exactly gone to plan. Again it was raining & there was a biting cold wind, but after what I had experienced the day before nothing was going stop me. I planned my route the day before on Garmin Connect & I set my watch to 8.30 mile pace. I connected my heart rate monitor & off I went.

I started really well & found the first few miles pass with ease. I was pleased with my mile splits & pushed on. I took my first SIS gel at mile 7, I didn't need this at this point, but I took on your advice about taking the gel before you actually need it. This seemed to work & I felt good. My pace was consistant until around the 12 mile point, this was where I started to get lower back pain & my groin started to ache, nothing that was giving me trouble, but the aches were getting worse. I pushed through & had a SIS Energy Bar this seemed to help & I put these aches to the back of my mind.

As I headed back home the wind increased & it was head wind for the last 4 miles. The aches seemed to have gone, but I started to feel my hamstrings & quads tighten up. This was on my mind & as I hit 15 miles I got cramp, not again I thought, my nenesis had returned. Why is this? Had I not drunk enough?

My preperation for long runs is to have a Lucozade before I head out, then take out a High 5 electrolyte & magnesium sports drink along with gels & bars. Maybe I need to make my sports drink stronger. Any suggestions?

Cramp has always been an issue of mine ever since I did my first marathon & everything I seem to try never seems to work. I always get cramp or start to cramp up around mile 18-20. This is the only thing which will stop me from achieving my sub 4 hour time. It's so frustrating as I feel in great shape.

Anyway I managed 16 miles instead of the 17, as I couldn't push on any further due to my cramp issues. Here are the stats from my Garmin

Next week I am hopefully of pushing on & completing a full weeks plan without dropping miles, as I am now approaching the business end of my training & these long runs are important. As for the knees they are still giving me some discomfort so I think i'm going to get a sports massage & see what they say. Who said training for a marathon would be easy hey? lol

I love reading all your blogs & we all keep pushing each other towards our goals.

Happy training guys!!!


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